my roles —
art direction / photography / design

“Polar” is an experimental campaign for Tohoi Travel Agency. The mission of Tohoi has always been promising their customers to have the most profound and unforgettable traveling experience. The theme of the campaign this time is “Showing the true colors of nature”.

To achieve the fascinating view of nature, we used aerial drones to present the stunning landscape of Tibet in a unique overlooking angle.

The colorful striped pattern at the center of the frame was inspired by the traditional pattern on Tibetan aprons “pangdens”. It was said that long time ago, Tibetan used to translate the nature around them into these colorful stripes on aprons to help them identify where they came from.

Therefore, the lakeshore residents wove their sacred lake into a sapphire blue, the mountain dweller sewed the divine mountain into a golden ochre, and the forest inhabitants knitted the colossal woods into a gemstone green. They were the ones who knew the true colors of nature.

Each stripe’s color was extracted from the image of the landscape. The block of stripes also functioned as a volume bar to match with the rise and down of the background music, revealing audience the rhythm of nature’s true colors.

As Tohoi is opening more traveling routes, this campaign will continue to unfold more creativity in the near future.

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