my roles —
art direction / design / illustration / book binding

01 Print —

Project Omnis is a re-introduction of the traditional Chinese almanac. In ancient China, the traditional almanac was believed to be “a book that tells everything”. Omnis, in Latin, means all. And project Omnis is about bringing back an ancient culture was once forgotten.

Project Omnis highlights the values in the almanac, and would like to bring up people’s interest in the wisdom that our ancestors left behind. The main component in the Omnis collection is a book series consists of three volumes, each introduces a different aspect of the almanac - history and ethics, the calendar, and the divination.

02 App —

The Omnis app is able to provide users information about auspicious activities based on a daily calendar. It can also analyze user’s monthly personal fate from a calculation that based on his or her birthday.

Bring Back
a Culture that
was Forgotten
01. Omnis Print
02. Omnis App