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run free in the wilderness.
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An offline experience of online phenomenons.
Youbili is an experimental editorial design that explores screen experience in a printed form. The creation of the Youbili book is based on my own online activities and inspired by different characteristics of the two target websites - Youtube and Bilibili.
My Role
Print & Editorial
Art Direction
Youtube is a world-known video-sharing website headquartered in the United States. Bilibili roots in Mainland China, but it is significantly influenced by Japanese culture since the website was originally designed to share anime videos. Both Youtube and Bilibili have witnessed (or facilitated) different cyber cultures that created by the young generation.
The cultural differences between two websites result in distinct screen experiences. Each spread of the book is separated into two parts: verso is Bilibili, and recto is Youtube, which enables readers to compare differences between two websites straightforwardly. Special screen features of these two websites, such as hyperlinks in Youtube and “Danmu” (rolling comments that across screen) on Bilibili, are translated into a print manner in interesting approaches.
Identity for a travel agency based in China.