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run free in the wilderness.
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In tunes with nature.
Wotter is a hypothesis branding project that I worked on in 2016. The goal of this project is to create a new verbal and visual brand image for a water filter company that specialises in portable water filters.
My Role
The name Wotter is inspired by the North American river otter—a semiaquatic mammal that mostly inhabits North America. These lovely animals and human beings share lots in common: we both rely on clean fresh water for living in the wild nature, we both value family in their society, and we are both nature lovers. And by adding a W in front of the word otter will create a pun that pronounces the same as water.
The verbal concept and the visual identity demonstrate a hearty, passionate, positive, friendly, and reliable brand persona. And at the same time, the brand's identity also emphasizes its essence as an unbreakable bond between people and the nature.
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