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A slab serif designed for screens.
Tincan is a slab serif typeface that would break free from the traditional characteristics of slab serif, and would serve as versitile typeface that excels in multiple platforms.
My Role
Typeface Design
Art Direction
With an adoration of slab serif, Tincan is inspired by its historical heritage. Slab serif typaface is the creative outcome of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. In the 21th century, slab serif is still a popular choice for display text because of its bold and robust personality.
Tincan reserves the most iconic features of slab serif, and also modifies glyphs details for better reading experience. They are designed in large x-height with generous space in the counters. In order to open up the letters more. Every curve is well adjusted. All curves are flatten for bigger letter spacing between letters. Every strokes is well balanced. The strokes weight contrast is restrained to a reasonable extent. Thick slabs are preserved for the bold and robust personality of slab serif. Every detail is crafted with care.
Identity for a small furniture studio.