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Hello, my name is Athena.
I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a strong focus on brand strategy, art direction, and editorial design. I am obsessed with typography, in love with travel, and enthusiastic in photography. Creating is my beloved passion. And paying attention to details is my persistent discipline.
The name of my portfolio—原野(yuén yě) means an immense grassland without any exploitation. In the world of design, I love to run wildly in my boundless creativity.
I am now working as a freelance designer. I had the privilege of working with international clients in the past few years. I have the most fun when I work with clients who are ready to take risk within their industry to contest conventional aesthetics.
Brand strategy
Art direction
Print & Editorial
The site was designed and built by Kin Hui-Lo. And it was built with jQuery, GSAP, Three.js, and Barbar.js. Site version v2.08, last updated July 29th 2017.
I am always up for new challenges. If you want to work together, or get a coffee, or even just to say hi, this is how you get in touch. And my CV can be found here.