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Bring back a culture that was forgotten.
Project Omnis is a re-introduction of the traditional Chinese almanac. In ancient China, the traditional almanac was believed to be “a book that tells everything”. Omnis, in Latin, means all. And project Omnis is about bringing back an ancient culture was once forgotten.
My Role
Print & Editorial
Art Direction
The Chinese almanac also known as the book of Tung Shing, is used to be the most authoritative and popular book in the ancient China. The almanac is published by the government annually, and the book establishes an agricultural and ethics guide for everyday living of the coming year.
The mission of project Omnis is to bring back the the traditional almanac by highlighting the values in the book, and people would start to appreciate the wisdom that our ancestors left behind. The main component in the Omnis collection is a book series consists of three volumes, each introduces a different aspect of the almanac - history and ethics, the calendar, and the divination.
In order to break the bad first impression of the almanac, this book series adopts a high profile binding method called 經龍裝 (Jing-long Binding), which is a re-invention that combines two traditional Chinese bookbinding methods - 經折裝 (Jing-zhe) and 龍鱗裝 (Long-lin).
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